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When deciding on a new floor, it’s a good idea to consider the conditions this floor will encounter. This will help inform you on the best type of floor for your space. With solid or engineered hardwood, laminate, vinyl, luxury vinyl, tile or carpet, you will get a beautiful floor that will add value to your space.

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Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood flooring is real hardwood that has been laminated together with a plywood core giving it stability, strength, varying widths and more applications. 

  • Engineered hardwood is manufactured from three or more layers of medium to high-density fibreboard and a real hardwood veneer top layer bonded together under heat and pressure.

  • Engineered hardwood is suitable in high-moisture areas or in areas with frequent environmental changes due to its “multiple-ply plank” construction. Engineered hardwood is surely a suitable choice when solid wood is not applicable due to increased moisture or heat. It is more resistant to both compared to solid wood.

  • Engineered hardwood is less likely to warp or cup during climatic changes than hardwood. It is more resistant to higher moisture levels than solid flooring. It is a better choice for installation over radiant heat sources, damp basements, and locations in rainy climates.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Traditional vinyl flooring has been around for generations.  It offers a clean appearance, style and comfort at an affordable price.  Because of today’s technology, the best vinyl flooring has unique and trendy styles, some resembling wood, tile and stone. 

Luxury Vinyl

The best vinyl flooring can complement a variety of lifestyles and tastes.  Because vinyl replicates tile or hardwood, you can use it in so many ways throughout your home.  Due to its    composition, you can use it in both dry and high-moisture areas. LVP and LVT are durable, easy to maintain and install. It is warmer than tile and can sometimes be floated over existing floors. 

  • Luxury vinyl plank: Plank replicates the look of wood.

  • Luxury vinyl tile: Tile replicates the look of tile and some will allow you to grout in between.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring provides a wide array of colour, texture and style.  It is both budget-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.  Laminate flooring is a great choice for living rooms, hallways and bedrooms as is comes in a variety of patterns ranging from wood to tile and stone.

Laminate flooring is a product that has a protective wear layer over the decorative sheet that contains the flooring pattern.  Under this you will find a rigid core and bottom balance layer to help prevent warping. 

Laminate flooring is durable, easy to maintain and are resistant to stains, fading, scuffs, scratches and moisture. 


Hardwood flooring has changed over the years to become the choice of many consumers.  It has beauty, strength and character, creating a beautiful backdrop for any style room.  Hardwood comes in glossy or matte finishes for the more formal or casual look, traditional strips from 2” to 3” wide strips, and are smooth or weathered planks. Wood floors come in a wide selection of colours to give you the impact you want in your overall design. Today’s hardwood floors are also milled and finished using techniques that require much less maintenance than in years past, giving you the character you want in a floor that will last.    

  • Solid hardwood is milled from a real hardwood species with no additional lamination.   

  • Solid hardwood varies in its uniformity. Some grades will have more knots and varying colours and lengths.  Premium grades tend to have less knots and more uniformity with longer lengths.

  • Solid hardwood is prone to expansion, cupping and warping if exposed to significant temperature and humidity changes. It is best suited for areas that have stable temperatures and standard humidity levels.  Solid hardwood is not recommended for basements and any areas where it would be exposed to high moisture ie: bathroom / kitchen. 


Carpet is a great choice for many rooms.  Wall-to-wall carpet adds warmth and comfort to any space.  With today’s advanced flooring technologies, carpet is not only aesthetically pleasing with its variety of colours, patterns and styles but it is also stronger, softer and more stain-resistant than ever before.  With the carpet as your design foundation, wall colouring, window treatments, furniture and artwork can compliment your choice.


Tile is both trendy and timeless.  It can complement both contemporary to traditional styles.  With so many sizes, colours and patterns, there are countless ways to make use of tile in your home.  Because it is stain resistant, it is a great flooring option for foyers, kitchens and bathrooms.  Tile flooring does not need to be cold on your feet; remember with in-floor heating, these floors can be as warm as you would like them to be. 

  • Ceramic:  Ceramic tiles are made from clay and minerals. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and are available in many styles and textures.  These tiles are more prone to showing chips.   

  • Porcelain:  Porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles that have been fired at a very high temperature to create a denser, tougher, more moisture resistant tile.  It is an ideal choice for bathroom floors. 

  • Stone:  Natural stone tile flooring comes in a variety of textures and colours. Given the nature of stone, no two tiles are alike, giving your space its own unique character and appeal. 

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