We dabble in a great deal of things to help complete our renovations. Two of those things are water softeners and reverse osmosis systems.

Water Softeners:

The purest cleanest water comes from the clouds and when it falls and is absorbed into the earth it collects calcium, magnesium, iron and chloride salts as it makes its way to our wells. What comes out of our taps after that is considered hard water.

Hard water can create rough dry hair, dry itchy skin, rough brittle towels and can even cost you money. These are just a few of the reasons we recommend using a water softener.

The Novatek water softeners we sell remove calcium and magnesium from the water through an ion exchange process as the water flows through the conditioner, thus returning the water to its natural soft form.

To learn more about the Novatek Water Softeners and what will work best for your household click the link below:


Reverse Osmosis:

What could be better than to have fresh, delicious, bottled water quality drinking water come from your very own tap? Keep healthy hydrated and happy with a Novatek Reverse Osmosis system in your kitchen today. For more information about Reverse Osmosis and why it’s right for you click the link below.


We Install What We Sell

From flooring to kitchens and bathrooms we install it all. Our professional installers come prepared to do a service for you and that service is to install your project to the best of their abilities and as promptly as possible. We take pride in doing a job well and strive for perfection.